Valuable Dementia Information

Top Supplements for Dementia


Fish Oil – 1,000 mg daily

Vitamin D3 – 5,000 IU daily

CoQ10 – 200 mg daily

Gingko blob – 120 mg daily

Phosphatidylserine – 300 mg daily

Astaxanthin – 2-4 grams twice a day

Frankincense Oil – 2 drops twice a day

Rosemary Oil – 2 drops a day

Coconut Oil – Provides the brain with ketones which serves as brain fuel instead of glucose. It has been reported that some people have seen significant improvement to memory after adding coconut oil to their diet.


Medicines Linked to Dementia 


Benedryl, Dramamine, Advil PM, Unison

These medicines contain anticholinergic properties which are linked to causes of Dementia

So, please avoid any medications with anticholinergic as an ingredient


Health Facts


Aluminum Containers – Avoid re-heating any type of food in aluminum containers because aluminum is toxic and an accumulation of aluminum damage is linked to the progression of dementia.

Tap Water – Tap water contains aluminum salts, as well as, other toxins, so, make sure that you have a filtering system.


How Death Occurs with Dementia


Dementia doesn’t just cause memory loss, it damages the brain which is in charge of our entire system, meaning, dementia can affect our whole body. As our cognitive abilites decline so does our ability to stay healthy. Dementia affects the brain so much that it can’t control other areas of the body, so, they will shut down and that is what causes death. From diagnoses to death can be as little as 3 years in people over 80.


What is Dementia Caused From?


Dementia is caused from a loss of brain cells and contribute to additional loss over time. Dementia is also caused from brain injuries and loss of nerve cells. Chronic drug use causes dementia as well because it kills brain cells, as well as, a stroke.

The average life expectancy of a dementia patient is 8-12 years. Younger people with dementia live longer than the elderly. Women live longer than men who have dementia. Those living at home have a slightly higher life expectancy compared to nursing home residents with dementia.


Dementia vs. Alzheimer’s


Alzheimer’s is a type of dementia. The only difference between Dementia and Alzheimer’s is the progression of the disease. Young people can get dementia but symptoms normally begin after age 60. Damage to the brain can begin years before symptoms appear depending on the cause of dementia. Alzheimer’s the most common form of dementia is not inherited. Every 67 seconds someone in the United States develops dementia.