Causes of Dementia

Smoking – Age 50-60 year old who smoke 2 packs a day are at high risk of developing dementia. People who use to smoke, or, smoke very little are not
increased risk.

Genetic Predisposition – Parent/Siblings – Genetically tested lets you know the likelihood of being diagnosed with dementia.

Gender – Females are more likely than males to be diagnosed with dementia.

Aging – Risk increases at age 65 and doubles every 5 years after. 50% risk at age 85

Drinking Alcohol – Heavy drinkers are at high risk, light drinkers are at lower risk.

Type I/Type II Diabetes – People with high blood sugar levels who are not diabetics also have an increased risk of dementia.

High Blood Pressure – Risk of dementia is doubled if blood pressure levels are higher than 140-160 mm/HG.

Atherosclerosis – Caused by accumulation of cholesterol and fat in the arteries, increases dementia.

Obesity – You should not have a body mass index (BMI) over 30 kg or you are at high risk of developing dementia.